Employee Testimonials

What an employee feels and says about an organization is the true measure of its culture and character. A happy team member goes a long way in ensuring team spirit, morale, high quality of work and delighted customers. Below are a few testimonials from our team members that pretty much sum up what HMS stands for.

My time here at HMS has been rewarding and uplifting. I work from home, but I am never alone. My HMS family is always here for me with loving guidance and encouragement.

The training is superb, and we are given all the tools necessary to be successful and meet our clients’ needs. Management even allows us to play work related games, i.e. Wacky Wednesdays and trivia.

We always put our clients first and remember to be professional. But we are shown how we can have fun while working. I have 30+ years work experience and can honestly say I have never worked for a company who genuinely cares about me and not the almighty dollar. It makes you want to strive harder to please everyone.

I know I am Blessed to be here at HMS and so happy to be in an environment that expects hard work but shows you how to have fun doing this. And you get paid.

- Cindy Underwood

I have worked for HMS for a few years now. Since day 1, the training, assistance, and guidance from management set me up to be fail-proof. Every day, the team encourages each other and upper management, including the owner, is always right there giving us a boost. HMS feels more like a family, and that is the environment I was looking for in a job. You can be successful and have fun. I enjoy every day, and know that if I am behind, there will be someone waiting to help me get back up. The hours are flexible, the rewards are great, and the people are a pleasure to work with.

- Eric Purtelbaugh

I've had the pleasure of working for Hudson Management Services for 7 months now and love it. This is a Company that truly cares about their employees. We are not just a number, We are family.

Management is always here for us, encouraging us and helping us grow. Coworkers are always eager to cheer us on for success.

I am grateful to be part of this company.

- JoAnn Kirsch

I am enjoying my decision to work for HMS and the ability to change within the same group of people, doing what I enjoy doing and being recognized as an asset to HMS rather than, “just another dialer.”

- Larry Shepard, Wildwood, MO