Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

What an employee feels and says about an organization is the true measure of its culture and character. A happy team member goes a long way in ensuring team spirit, morale, high quality of work and delighted customers. Below are a few testimonials from our team members that pretty much sum up what HMS stands for.

“I am enjoying my decision to work for HMS and the ability to change within the same group of people, doing what I enjoy doing and being recognized as an asset to HMS rather than, “just another dialer.”

— Larry Shepard, Wildwood, MO

“Have you seen ads that say “Work From Home”, and you are leery of them? The HMS position working from home is above the rest! The training and tools HMS gives each employee is complete and we have caring team leaders always available to assist us. The support we get from our company and clients enables us to be successful in our positions! The HMS teleprospecting position is very flexible and rewarding.”

— Linda Mullins, St. Louis, MO

This is the FIRST legitimate work-from-home company that I’ve ever found, and I’ve searched through many of them. My experience working for HMS has been absolutely amazing!

Everyone at HMS is wonderful. Starting from your co-workers, who cheer you on when you make those important appointments, to cheering you up when you’re having a bad day. The team leaders are very helpful when you have those inevitable questions, and the owner of the company is there with a inspirational word.

At HMS you know that you’re cared about and respected as an employee, and important member of the team. I tell everyone I meet that is looking for a job about HMS. I LOVE THIS JOB!

— Tracy Jurczyk, Wright City, MO