Qualified Lead Generation Services

Hudson Management Services can help you market your company by teleprospecting for new clients as well as updating your current database. The best way to market in your industry is to build a B2B pipeline of leads that will create a strong customer base. Making the scheduled follow-up calls with consistency and paying special attention to important information that makes the timing right to set the appointment is critical. Keeping the pipeline of qualified leads full and continuing to pursue potential client opportunities for your business will increase ROI. Below are some of the ways in which we could help add to your pipeline through our business to business lead generation services.

Teleprospecting for Lead Generation

Hudson Management Services teleprospecting service is the best way to generate appointments for your sales staff, add to your pipeline of qualified leads, and a viable alternative for your company to experience a steady increase in the company revenue.

Trade Show Lead Generation Support

Hudson Management Services can make your trade show dollars profitable! We will make the calls to your existing customers, personally invite them to visit you at the show and give them your booth number so they know where to find you. You can trust us with a list of potential prospects and we will set an appointed time for them to visit your booth. The most important step is to quickly make a personal follow-up phone call thanking the new prospect for showing interest and setting an appointment for additional consultation. Each contact at the trade show is a qualified lead and a potential new customer. Don’t waste them by not following up!

Database Building to Assist in Lead Generation

Hudson Management Services knows that the success of a company starts with a comprehensively qualified database of leads. Knowing the main contact and correct contact information for each company is imperative for success. Making phone calls often falls to the wayside because there are “always other things to do”, but HMS knows that building a database of qualified leads is the first step to building a larger potential client base. Phone etiquette and technique are necessary to present a favorable company image as each call becomes a “branding” action for your company. You can trust HMS to be professional and gather the information you need to determine your best future prospects.

“Partner for Success”

Hudson Management Services established the “Partner for Success” business model! We are professionals and we set qualified appointments, provide trade show support and build comprehensive databases. The services that HMS offers will free your sales team to do what they do best – CLOSE more sales! We are striving for a long term business relationship that will enhance your selling efforts and increase your sales.