Working at Home

July 23, 2013

Way to Go!

The announcement is out on who achieved the reward for June.  Larry Shepard and Dawn Launius often seem to be repeat offenders!  Good thing for them it’s not a crime to earn extra money by over achieving for their client.  Keep up the good work Larry and Dawn.  Special recognition for our new hire Gary Swindle who is setting lots of appointments for his client and believing in himself!  Positive self talk is an important key […]
August 19, 2013


HMS has a great team of people working for them.  It takes special people to stay on board our bus and we have several that have been riding it for a long time.   A special thank you goes out to those who have shown dedication, discipline and great attitude while on the bus.!!! 7 years:  Nancy Fletcher, Linda Mullins 5 years:  Larry Shepard 2 years:  Tracy Hayes, Kathy Ojile, Dawn Launius, Kristi Akins, Cindy Donato 1 […]
March 27, 2014

Working from home after retirement

A work from home success story at HMS For most, “retirement” is synonymous with “no more work”. Many of us even wait for the time when we won’t have to work anymore. Among those who go to office, many curse the commute or lack of flexibility, and aspire to work from home. And then, we come across a person who not only changes many common perceptions, but becomes a role model, a success story, an inspiration […]