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Hiring Forum

HMS will be conducting a hiring forum on April 9th for those who apply for the Account Assistant job vacancy at HMS.

The forum will provide detailed explanation of the Account Assistant position for potential new hires, who would have the opportunity to listen to some live teleprospecting calls by our Quality Assurance Director. We will also be conduct assessment testing and personal interviews.  Between the presentations, live calls and interviews, you may have to be at the forum for most of the day.

At the Hiring Forum:

  • You will learn about HMS and how we operate.
  • You will get an orientation on working from home, its challenges and more.
  • We will discuss the expectations HMS has for employees, their work schedule.
  • You will get to listen to 40 minutes of live calls done by our Quality Assurance Director and watch her make entries into Goldmine at the same time.
  • Question and answer session to address any questions or doubts you may have

Our 3-part hiring process:

  1. You will have 2 role play sessions on the phone with the Quality Assurance Director. She will be assessing all the phone skills including grammar, clarity, tonality, etc.
  2. Next, you would do assessment testing  that includes a typing test, creating a word document and a sample call log.
  3. Finally, you will have a personal interview with the President of HMS.

We will notify you by the next business day at noon if you are being offered a position. If you accept the offer, we send you the training schedule (via email) and will set a time for them to call in to go over the schedule in detail.

Want to be a part of the hiring forum?

Participation in the hiring forum is by invitation only. To attend the forum:

  1. Go through the Account Assistant Job Description
  2. Apply online on our website (note: only completed applications are considered)
  3. If your profile is suitable for the role, we will contact you and invite you to the forum and provide further details.

An exciting new career as a work at home Account Assistant may be awaiting you. We look forward to meeting you at the hiring forum

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